83 days: Ana Jovanović

The climb to the Fortress of Kotor was both literal and metaphorical. The view of the bay and the old town's terracotta roofs became more spectacular with each step, urging me on. At the summit, the breeze carried the scent of the sea and wildflowers, a reward well worth the effort. I met Ana Jovanović, a fellow artist, at the top. She was setting up her easel against the breathtaking panorama. Local painter Ana captures the landscapes of Kotor in vibrant strokes that dance with the lively breeze that cooled us. She explained how the changing light of day influences her palette and mood. Our conversation, enriched by the serene setting, delved into the essence of capturing fleeting moments through art. Ana's passion for her hometown and its natural beauty was infectious, adding layers of depth to my own perceptions and sketches of Kotor. As the sun began to set over the Adriatic, casting golden hues, I left the fortress feeling inspired and connected to this place. The climb was not just about physical exertion, but also about the shared journey of artists witnessing the world's beauty.

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