Day 101: Guardians of History

Today, I visited the ancient Citadel in the heart of Herat and was captivated by its historical significance. The Citadel echoes tales of bygone eras and stood as a testament to Afghanistan's rich and turbulent history. The air was crisp and the sky was clear blue, making the experience even more surreal. Its impressive architecture and robust walls spoke volumes about the past civilizations that once thrived here.

As I walked around the citadel's large grounds, my feet made echoes on the paths made of old stones. Every turn revealed a piece of history engraved on the walls.

The vast view from the top of the citadel presented a sharp contrast - the modern cityscape against the timeless magnificence of the fortress.

With my sketchbook and camera, I tried to capture the idea of this architectural marvel. The task was not only to show the beauty of the citadel, but also to express the strength and perseverance that it represented. The way light and shadow danced on the old bricks made a vibrant picture, shifting throughout the day.

This adventure went beyond being a regular tour; it was a fully engrossing event that bonded me with Herat's spirit. Among these old walls, I felt much respect for the time that passed and the stories of those who walked here before me. The Herat Citadel, standing silently, was not just a building but a story of human persistence and the long-lasting essence of Afghan heritage.

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