Day 111: Serene Steeps

Today, I walked through the Happy Valley Tea Estate in Darjeeling. The cool, misty weather and lush green tea gardens added a mystical touch, creating a refreshing and enlightening experience.

The air was filled with the subtle scent of tea leaves. The fog lifted as the day went on, showing off the beautiful rows of tea bushes covering the hills. The soft sounds of the tea pickers as they worked created a peaceful atmosphere.

I talked with some of the workers and learned all about the complicated process of harvesting and making tea. Their dedication to their work was truly inspiring. Sampling the freshly brewed Darjeeling tea at its origin was a wonderful experience. Each sip was like a page from the story of the land and its people.

I spent the afternoon drawing and capturing the essence of the tea gardens. The texture of the tea leaves, the pattern of the rows, and the interplay of light and shadow caused by the occasional sun rays piercing through the mist.

Today brought simple joy and new knowledge. The Happy Valley Tea Estate was more than just a sight to behold. It was a deep dive into the essence of Darjeeling's tea culture.

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