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Phonics Letter Art - B for Bat: Matte Paper Poster

Phonics Letter Art - B for Bat: Matte Paper Poster

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Experience the magic of Phonics Letter Art - B for Bat: Enhanced Matte Paper Poster, an exquisite masterpiece celebrating the beauty and significance of the letter B. This captivating piece of artwork, part of a larger collection, invites viewers on an interactive journey through a scene teeming with bats hovering around a cave-like rock formation. With meticulous attention to detail, this visually stunning poster captures the essence of the letter's unique design. Transform your space into a captivating art gallery with this museum-quality poster printed on luxurious matte paper. The anti-glare finish beautifully highlights the intricate details, while the high-quality printing ensures vibrant colors and faithful reproduction of the artist's vision. Immerse yourself in a world of fantasy and elegance with this extraordinary addition to your home decor that will spark conversation and inspire creativity in any room.

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Matte Paper
.: Paper thickness: 10.3 mil (0.26 mm)
.: Paper weight: 189 gsm
.: Opacity: 94%
.: ISO brightness: 104%


.: Width: 8" (203mm)
.: Height: 10" (254mm)

.: Width: 12" (305mm)
.: Height: 16" (406mm)

.: Width: 18" (457mm)
.: Height: 24" (610mm)

.: Width: 10" (254mm)
.: Height: 10" (254mm)

.: Width: 14" (356mm)
.: Height: 14" (356mm)

.: Width: 18" (457mm)
.: Height: 18" (457mm)

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