101 days: Elías Benediktsson

Today, I visited the Akureyri Art Museum located in the heart of the city. The museum's modern architecture contrasted beautifully with the old-world charm of the surrounding area. The collection showcased a mix of Icelandic and international art, providing a unique perspective on contemporary art's role in isolated communities. I met Elías Benediktsson, a local sculptor, amidst the vibrant canvases and intriguing installations. Elías's works in volcanic rock were featured in a temporary exhibit.

He shared his journey of transforming raw, chaotic natural elements into expressions of delicate human emotions. His weathered hands and deeply insightful eyes added to the experience. Elías's philosophy of embracing both the imperfections and the raw beauty of the natural materials spoke to me, echoing my own artistic pursuits. During our conversation, we talked about the difficulties of expressing a story through abstract forms.

Elías showed me around the gallery and drew my attention to subtle details in his sculptures. These details, such as the contrast between rough and polished textures, represent the coexistence of harshness and refinement in both nature and humanity. Inspired, I returned to my sketchbook with renewed vigor. I was eager to translate the day's visual and intellectual feasts into my next creation. The cold of Akureyri seemed a little less biting today, warmed by shared artistic passion and new friendships.

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