107 days: Marten Kuusk

Today, I visited the Kumu Art Museum in Tallinn. The museum has modern architecture and displays Estonian art from the Soviet era and contemporary pieces. The museum provides a warm refuge from the outside air.

While there, I met Marten Kuusk, a local university student studying art history. He was interested in Konrad Mägi's art and its role in Estonian identity. Marten, with his interesting ideas and shy smile, told me about his grandmother, who kept family heirlooms during the Soviet occupation. Some of these were original artworks by Estonian masters. This conversation helped me understand the art better and made it more personal.

We went to a nearby café to talk about how politics affects art. I drew some ideas for my next painting, inspired by Marten’s stories, the museum, and the way art and history mix in Tallinn. This city has a lot of culture, and it’s really caught my attention.

Tomorrow, I'm going to sketch at Kadriorg Park to capture the natural beauty with the same emotional depth as the art I saw today.

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