113 days: Mariam Eliashvili

Today I wandered through the bustling Kutaisi market, a kaleidoscope of colors and sounds, perfect for the curious artist in me. Amid the hustle and bustle, I met Mariam Eliashvili, a local spice seller with a smile as vibrant as the spices she sold. Her stall, a fragrant tableau of Georgian flavors, offered everything from suneli to crushed marigold petals.

Noticing my interest in her wares, Mariam shared stories about each spice, linking them to traditional Georgian dishes and family gatherings. She explained how these spices were not just ingredients, but carriers of memory and emotion, steeped in cultural heritage. Her passion for Georgian culinary traditions was contagious and inspiring.

Moved by her warmth and the vibrant market scenes, I spent the afternoon sketching and taking notes, capturing the essence of daily life in Kutaisi through the eyes of its residents. Mariam's stories made me reflect on the layers of history and personal stories that each market stall held, a reminder of the rich tapestry of human experience that I seek to express through my art.

Today was not only about the visual feast that the market offered, but the sensory overload that came with the smells and sounds, all of which will be woven into the narrative of my next piece of art. Mariam will surely be a vivid character in this piece, symbolizing the soul of Kutaisi.

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