129 days: Tara Devi

Today I spent a few serene hours sketching in the Garden of Dreams, a lush oasis in the midst of Kathmandu's urban sprawl. As I captured the intricate designs of the pavilions and the vibrant flowers, I was joined by Tara Devi, a local poet. With her notebook at hand, Tara shared her verses inspired by the same garden, each line echoing the serenity and subtle interplay of light and shadow cast by the clouds. Her words painted pictures of their own, adding layers of depth to the scenes I was sketching. She spoke of her life in Kathmandu, how the rhythm of the city fuels her poetry, and her dreams of compiling her poems into a book. Our conversation flowed effortlessly, blending her lyrical insights with my visual interpretations, creating a rich tapestry of artistic collaboration. As the afternoon wore on, the tranquility of the garden was a perfect companion to our creative exchange, inspiring me not only to finish my sketches, but also to reflect on the power of words and images to capture moments of beauty. Meeting Tara was a reminder of how art, in any form, connects souls and perspectives, enriching the experience of both creator and viewer.

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