139 days: Jihoon Kim

Today I spent a beautiful day exploring Gyeongbokgung Palace under clear skies and a gentle breeze. The palace's grand architecture and serene gardens provided the perfect backdrop for my sketches. As I walked around the grounds, I met Jihoon Kim, a local history enthusiast who was visiting the palace with his family.

A teacher by profession, Jihoon shared fascinating insights into the history of Gyeongbokgung and the Joseon Dynasty. His passion for history was contagious, and I was captivated by his stories about the significance of the palace and the cultural heritage it represented. He explained how the palace had been painstakingly restored after being damaged during various conflicts, highlighting the resilience and dedication of the Korean people to preserving their history.

We sat by the tranquil Hyangwonjeong Pavilion, where Jihoon pointed out architectural details and shared legends associated with the palace. Inspired by his knowledge and the beauty of the surroundings, I sketched the pavilion, capturing its reflection in the tranquil pond.

Our conversation expanded to modern Korean culture, and Jihoon spoke of his efforts to educate his students about their heritage. His dedication to teaching and preserving history resonated deeply with me. Today was not just a day of sightseeing, but a rich cultural exchange, enhanced by the fortuitous meeting with Jihoon. As the sun set, I left the palace with a sense of fulfillment, my sketchbook filled with new inspiration.

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