141 days: Mei Wang

Today I visited the Forbidden City, a place teeming with historical significance and architectural beauty. As I walked through the vast palace complex, I was struck by the intricate details of the buildings and the stories they seemed to whisper. While sketching the Hall of Supreme Harmony, I met Mei Wang, a local historian giving a tour.

Mei noticed my sketchbook and struck up a conversation. She shared her extensive knowledge of the Forbidden City, explaining the symbolism behind the colors and designs of the structures. Her passion for history was evident, and I was captivated by her stories of emperors and daily life within the palace walls.

Mei told me about her childhood fascination with the Forbidden City and how it led her to become a historian. She described the challenges of her studies and the joy of uncovering new historical insights. Her enthusiasm was contagious, and I felt inspired by her dedication to preserving and sharing China's rich heritage.

We spent several hours walking through the courtyards and halls, with Mei pointing out details I might have missed on my own. Her guidance added depth to my sketches, and I felt a deeper connection to the place through her stories.

By the end of the day, I left the Forbidden City with a new appreciation for its history and a sketchbook full of detailed drawings, thanks to Mei's insightful tour. Today was a perfect blend of art and history, enriched by a meaningful encounter.

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