147 days: Wei Chen

Today I spent an enriching day at the National Palace Museum in Taipei. The museum's vast collection of Chinese art and artifacts provided a fascinating glimpse into centuries of history and culture. As I walked through the galleries, I was captivated by the intricate jade carvings and ancient calligraphy.

During my visit, I met a local artist named Wei Chen. Wei is a painter who specializes in traditional Chinese landscape painting. We struck up a conversation while admiring a Ming Dynasty scroll. Wei shared his journey of learning the art from his grandfather, a renowned artist in Taiwan. He spoke passionately about preserving traditional techniques in a modern world, which resonated deeply with me.

Wei invited me to his studio in the city where he demonstrated his painting process. Watching him work was inspiring - the fluidity and grace with which he wielded his brush was mesmerizing. He even offered to let me try my hand at some brush strokes, patiently guiding me along the way.

Our conversation and the time I spent in his studio left a lasting impression on me. Wei's dedication to his craft and his reverence for tradition reminded me of the importance of preserving cultural heritage through art. It was a day filled with learning, inspiration, and a newfound connection with a fellow artist.

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