149 days: Xiao Mei

Today was a vibrant and inspiring day at Rainbow Village in Taichung. The village is an explosion of color and art, and it felt like stepping into a living painting. As I walked through the brightly painted alleys, I met a local artist named Xiao Mei. She was busy adding new details to one of the murals, and her passion for her work was evident.

Xiao Mei told me the story of how the village was transformed by a former soldier, Mr. Huang, also known as "Grandpa Rainbow. His artwork saved the village from demolition and turned it into a popular tourist attraction. Xiao Mei, inspired by Grandpa Rainbow's legacy, decided to contribute to the village's ever-evolving canvas. She moved here a few years ago and has been painting ever since.

We talked about the importance of preserving cultural heritage through art and how color can bring joy and hope to a community. Xiao Mei's dedication and the history of the village made a deep impression on me. I spent hours sketching the vibrant scenes and capturing the vibrant spirit of the place.

By the end of the day, I felt a deep connection to the people and the stories behind the art. Rainbow Village is not only a place of beauty, but a testament to the power of creativity and community.

- Aanya

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