152 days: Lan Pham

Today I visited the Temple of Literature in Hanoi. The historical significance and serene atmosphere of the place were captivating. As I walked through the courtyards and admired the traditional architecture, I met a local student named Lan Pham. Lan studies literature at a nearby university and often comes to the temple for inspiration.

We struck up a conversation about Vietnamese literature and the Temple of Literature's role in promoting education throughout the centuries. Lan told me some fascinating stories about famous scholars who once studied here. She also talked about her passion for poetry and her dream of one day becoming a published author.

Lan's enthusiasm was contagious, and we spent hours discussing our favorite books and writers. She even recited one of her poems, which beautifully captured the essence of Hanoi's vibrant yet serene atmosphere.

Meeting Lan was a highlight of my day. Her dedication to her studies and love of literature reminded me of the power of words and the importance of preserving cultural heritage. As I left the temple, I felt a renewed sense of inspiration for my own artistic journey.

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