162 days: Farah Iman

Today I visited the Kota Kinabalu City Mosque, also known as the "floating mosque". The view of the mosque against the tranquil lagoon was breathtaking, especially with the clouds reflected in the water. While admiring the architecture, I met Farah, a local university student who often visits the mosque for its peaceful atmosphere.

Farah shared that she studies architecture and finds inspiration for her projects in the design of the mosque. We talked about the intricate details of Islamic architecture and how it combines function with beauty. She pointed out some of the unique features of the mosque, such as the minarets and the calligraphy that adorns the interior.

We spent much of the afternoon discussing our respective artistic journeys. Farah showed me her sketchbook filled with drawings of various architectural wonders around Malaysia. I shared some of my travel sketches with her and we exchanged tips on how to capture the essence of a place in our artwork.

The rain began to drizzle, adding a soft, misty veil to the scene and enhancing the serene atmosphere. Before parting ways, Farah recommended a few local spots to visit, including a lesser-known art gallery and a quaint cafe she frequents.

All in all, it was a day well spent, filled with new perspectives and the beauty of cultural exchange. Meeting Farah reminded me of the importance of connecting with people and sharing our passions.

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