166 days: Hannah Lee

Today I visited the National Gallery of Singapore, an impressive building that once served as the Supreme Court and City Hall. The gallery's collection of Southeast Asian art was both inspiring and humbling. As I wandered through the exhibits, I met a fellow art lover named Hannah Lee. Hannah is a local artist who specializes in mixed media installations. We struck up a conversation in front of a captivating piece by Georgette Chen.

Hannah shared that she draws much of her inspiration from the city's diverse cultural tapestry. She told me about her latest project, which involves using recycled materials to create a series of sculptures representing different facets of urban life. I was intrigued by her innovative approach and the way she combines sustainability with her art.

After exploring the gallery, Hannah and I decided to grab coffee at a nearby cafe. Over lattes, we shared stories about our artistic journeys. Hannah mentioned that she often finds herself sketching in the Singapore Botanic Gardens, a place I hadn't visited in years. Her passion for her work was contagious, and it ignited a spark in me to experiment with new techniques in my own art.

The day ended with a walk along the esplanade where we admired the evening skyline. Meeting Hannah was a reminder of how art can connect people from different walks of life, and I left with a renewed sense of inspiration and a new friend.

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