77 days: Mila Petrović

Today was a mesmerizing exploration of Petrovaradin Fortress under the mild Serbian sun. The historical grandeur and panoramic views of the Danube were as breathtaking as anticipated. The highlight, however, was meeting Mila, a local artist with a small studio nestled within the fortress walls. Mila's work, inspired by the fortress's history and the river's beauty, captures the essence of Novi Sad's soul. She shared stories of the fortress's past. She interwove them with her own journey as an artist. Her dedication to preserving Serbian history through art was profoundly inspiring. Mila's passion reminded me of why I embark on these journeys. I do it to connect with souls who share a love for art and history, enriching my own perspective. As the day ended, I left with a sketch of the fortress infused with the stories Mila shared. This encounter will be a cherished memory from Novi Sad. It was a serendipitous blend of art, history, and human connection.

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