80 days: Liridon Hoxha

Today's exploration of Krujë Castle was enlightening and breathtaking. The stone corridors and courtyards transported me back to the era of Skanderbeg, Albania's national hero. I met Liridon Hoxha, a local artist who draws inspiration from the castle's rich past. Liridon, with his canvas sprawled out, was capturing the play of sunlight on the ancient stones. His passion for blending history with art was contagious. During our conversation at the castle, Liridon shared stories about Skanderbeg and the importance of Krujë in Albanian history. His vivid portrayal of strength and resilience truly reflected the spirit of Albania. The scenic views from the castle made the day even more memorable. As the sun set, I felt a deep connection to Krujë. Liridon's stories and the history that echoes through the castle walls contributed to this experience. It was a fusion of art, history, and personal connection that left an indelible mark on my journey.

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