82 days: Marko Petrović

As I wandered through Stara Varoš today, the cobbled paths of Podgorica's Old Town whispered stories of ages past. The historical aura was palpable, lending each sketch and photo a depth that transcended the visual. I met Marko Petrović, a local historian, amidst the echoes of Ottoman architecture. Marko shared insights with an infectious enthusiasm for Montenegro's rich tapestry of history, bringing the silent stones to life. During our conversation, Marko spoke about Podgorica's resilience and its transformations throughout the centuries. He also mentioned the unwavering spirit of its people. The seamless blend of past and present enriched my understanding and appreciation of the city. Marko's stories made the Old Town's monuments take on new meaning, becoming symbols of endurance and adaptability. As the day ended, I left Stara Varoš feeling deeply connected to Podgorica, its history, and its people. This was all thanks to a chance encounter that turned into a memorable exchange of knowledge and culture.

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