85 days: Lejla Ibrahimović

Today's visit to Stari Most was more than just a chance to see an architectural marvel. It provided a heartfelt connection to Mostar's soul. While sketching the elegant curve of the bridge against the backdrop of the azure Neretva River, I met Lejla Ibrahimović, a local artist whose paintings capture the spirit of Mostar. Lejla shared stories about the bridge's significance. It is not only a symbol of unity and resilience following the war but also an inspiration for artists and peace-seekers. Her words added depth to my sketches and infused them with a sense of purpose and belonging. Lejla's passion for her city and its history reminded me that behind every landmark lie countless narratives waiting to be told through art. Our exchange by the ancient stones of Stari Most was a poignant reminder of the power of places and people to inspire and connect. The sun dipped lower, casting golden hues over the river. I felt grateful for this journey and the stories that continue to shape my path as an artist.

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