88 days: Lina Markovska

Today, I visited the ancient Church of St. John at Kaneo, located beneath the beautiful skies of Ohrid. The church's solitary position against the backdrop of Lake Ohrid and the mountains provided a moment of peaceful isolation, where time appeared to stand still. During my visit, I had the pleasure of meeting Lina Markovska, a local artist who was also capturing the tranquil scene on her canvas. Lina has a deep connection to Ohrid's landscapes. She shared tales of the town's history and legends, which are as vivid as the hues on her palette. Her stories added layers of depth to my perception of this picturesque setting. We discussed the unique light of Ohrid and its transformative effect on art. Lina's passion for preserving Macedonian culture through her paintings inspired me to seek the soul of the place beyond its visual beauty. The setting sun cast a golden glow over the lake as the day faded, and I felt a profound connection to this ancient town. I was enriched by the stories and warmth of a fellow artist. Today was not just about exploring a new location; it was about discovering the stories that bind us to places and to each other.

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