92 days: Jelena Petrović

Exploring Budva's Old Town under the clear blue sky was enchanting. The stone walls, vibrant market stalls, and gentle sea breeze created a picturesque setting. I stumbled upon a quaint art studio and met Jelena Petrović, a local artist whose vibrant paintings captured Montenegro's natural beauty. Jelena shared stories of Budva's history and how it inspires her work. She spoke of the town's transformation from a quiet fishing village to a bustling tourist destination, yet how its soul remains unchanged. Our conversation veered into discussions about art, life, and our shared love for capturing the essence of our surroundings onto a canvas. We enjoyed strong local coffee throughout. Leaving her studio, I felt inspired. Today reminded me how art connects us beyond language and geography, and chance encounters can lead to meaningful exchanges. Budva's old-world charm and warm people have left a permanent mark on my journey.

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