94 days: Luka Kovacic

Today's journey through the stone-walled corridors of Diocletian's Palace was like stepping back in time. Each turn revealed a new layer of history. Amidst the ancient ruins, I met Luka Kovacic, a local artist who was creating a detailed ink drawing of the Peristyle. Luka shared fascinating stories about Split's past and how the city continues to inspire his art. He spoke of the palace not just as a monument but as a living, breathing space where the past and present coalesce. Luka's passion for preserving Split's essence through his art was contagious. We discussed the significance of art in capturing our surroundings and connecting with our heritage. My conversation with Luka deepened my understanding of Split and enriched my work. As the sun set, casting golden hues over the ancient stones, I felt a profound connection to this place - a fusion of history, art, and the enduring spirit of its people. Today was not only a visit to a historic site, but also an exploration of the creativity that flows through Split.

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