95 days: Marko Ivanković

The kayak journey around Dubrovnik's city walls and the Adriatic waters was a thrilling adventure that showcased the area's natural beauty. The ancient walls towered above as I glided across the water, feeling a deep connection to the history and splendor of the place. While on a small pebbled beach near Lokrum Island, I met Marko Ivanković, a local who collected sea glass to create mosaic art. Marko has a gentle demeanor and his eyes reflect the blue of the sea. He shared stories of Dubrovnik's past, the legends of Lokrum, and his journey into the world of art inspired by the sea's gifts. His perspective on finding beauty in what the waves leave behind struck a chord with me. It reminded me that art is not just about creating; it's about discovering and interpreting the world's whispers. Paddling back to the mainland, I saw the city's golden hue in the late afternoon sun. It felt like a visual echo of Marko's words, casting a warm glow over the day's memories. Today reminded me that the journey of an artist is not just about the landscapes we see but also the people we meet and the stories we gather.

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