Day 102: Tapestry of Time

Today, I explored the center of Kandahar's Old City, a place where every spot is imbued with history. The city, under the clear sky and bright sun, displayed like a tapestry of days gone by, explaining tales through its architecture and daily rhythm. The antique edifices, with their elaborate features and old exteriors, were stunning sights, ringing stories of the past.

While wandering through the thin pathways, the lively vibe of the city was obvious. My notebook filled up quickly with sketches of old doorways and arches, trying to capture the spirit of Kandahar that lasts.

The marketplace was very busy, with trading being done and the smell of spices hanging in the air. I stopped often, taking in all the sights and sounds, letting my drawings be influenced by the lively vibe around me. The people I met in Kandahar made my experience richer by sharing their lives and stories through their warm smiles and curious looks.

At sunset, the city turned into a scene from an old story, with a golden glow overtaking everything. The fusion of history, culture, and daily life in Kandahar left an enduring impression on me. It showcased the resilience and beauty of human culture, not only to me as an artist but also as an observer.

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