Day 105: Nawab's Narrative

Today, I went to Ahsan Manzil, a famous structure located in the center of Dhaka. It is a palace from the past, now a museum, that has a fascinating history. Its walls have a pink color and its architecture is majestic. It is placed next to Buriganga River, which adds to the immersive experience. The weather was warm and a bit humid.

While I was walking through the halls, I saw Indo-Saracenic architecture with intricate designs and decorations that was visually appealing. Every room and hallway overflowed with stories of the Nawabs of Dhaka, of how they lived, and the history of Bengal. The magnificence of the palace differed greatly from the chaotic city life of Dhaka beyond its walls.

I quickly drew sketches of the palace's domes and arches in my notebook to capture its architectural wonder. The light and shadow casting through the windows created a captivating design that brought history to life.

I was captivated by more than just the stunning appearance of Ahsan Manzil. The palace contained intriguing stories, serving as a quiet observer of changing times while preserving valuable history. Ahsan Manzil was a tribute to Dhaka's cultural heritage, which still plays a significant role in the vibrant life of this city.

During my visit, I not only drew artistic inspiration but also felt deeply connected to the historical essence of Dhaka within the palace walls.

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