Day 109: Serenity at Summit

Today, I visited the Monkey Temple, also known as the Swayambhunath Stupa, during my exploration in Kathmandu. The cool and cloudy climate added a mystical touch to this ancient hilltop site, which overlooks the expansive city.

As I climbed the stone steps surrounded by trees and playful monkeys, I could feel the strong historical significance of the place. The Stupa, which includes the iconic "Eyes of Buddha," stood grandly against the cloudy sky. Prayer banners waved in the wind, making a rainbow of colors that looked like they were dancing.

The vibe in Swayambhunath was very peaceful. Followers did kora by walking around the stupa, revolving prayer wheels, and singing mantras. The air was full of the smell of incense and the low hum of prayers, lending a deep sense of calm.

I spent a long time taking pictures and drawing to catch the feeling of Swayambhunath. Every view gave a new angle, a unique tale. The top view was amazing, providing a full picture of Kathmandu, a city surrounded by the Himalayas.

It was a spiritual encounter, not just an artistic journey. Swayambhunath revealed the cultural core of Nepal, with its rich history and religious importance. It reminded us of the ageless spirituality and beauty that pervades this land.

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