Day 11: Luís Ortega

Today, I visited the majestic Monday Falls. The water cascading down was surrounded by lush greenery, creating a breathtaking sight. The falls are less known than their famous cousin, Iguazu, but equally impressive. They provided a serene escape from the city's hustle.

While sketching the falls, I met Luís Ortega, a local photographer capturing the falls' vibrant beauty. Luís, who has a keen eye for detail, shared insights on the best vantage points and times to capture the falls. He shared stories about growing up near this natural wonder and how it inspired his career path. His passion for nature and photography mirrored my love for painting.

Inspired by our conversation, I found myself lost in my work, attempting to capture the essence of the falls and the lush surroundings with my brushstrokes. The water made a sound, birds chirped, and a gentle breeze blew. This symphony fueled my creativity.

Today was about connecting with someone who shared my passion for art and nature, not just exploring a new place. As I left the falls, the sketches in my journal became more than just images. They were stories, memories, and a reminder of the beauty in the world around us.


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