Day 113: Galle’s Quiet Corners

Today, I had an enriching experience exploring Galle and its blend of history and coastal charm. Walking along the ancient ramparts of Galle Fort, a testament to the Dutch colonial era, I was struck by the architectural wonders and historical narratives. The fort's solid structure provided a stark contrast to the endless ocean view.

The cobbled streets, lined with quaint shops and colonial buildings, were a delightful stroll. I sketched some of the unique architectural details, such as the ornate windows, old gateways, and picturesque street scenes. The atmosphere was serene, with a light breeze carrying the scent of the sea.

Interacting with locals, I discovered fascinating stories about Galle's past. The blend of different cultural influences was evident in every corner, from the cuisine to the local crafts. I had a delightful lunch at a small and charming café within the fort, where I tasted traditional Sri Lankan flavors.

During the day, I not only captured the beauty of Galle but also absorbed its soul. I took sketches and photographs that were imbued with the essence of this historic city, which blends the past and present, and where every stone and wave has a story to tell.

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