Day 15: Marco Alvarez

Today, I visited the ancient Sacsayhuamán Ruins in Cusco. The enormity of the stones and the precision of Incan architecture were humbling. While sketching the imposing walls, I was joined by Marco Alvarez, a local historian. He shared fascinating stories about the Inca civilization and the theories behind the construction of Sacsayhuamán. Marco's knowledge, mixed with local legends, brought the history to life.

During our conversation, Marco took me on an impromptu walk around the site. He pointed out details that I would have otherwise missed. Each piece of stone seemed to hold a story, a piece of history that Marco narrated with a mix of pride and reverence. His passion for preserving and sharing his culture was inspiring.

As the day progressed, the blend of history, culture, and the stunning views from the ruins provided ample inspiration for my sketches. Marco added depth to each line and shade I drew, enriching my experience of capturing the physical beauty of Sacsayhuamán.

His stories lingered with me, adding layers of meaning to my day's work and deepening my understanding of the profound history and culture of Cusco.

- Aanya

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