Day 17: Julio Mora

Today, I had a profound experience at the Capilla del Hombre, which is dedicated to Oswaldo Guayasamín's art. Each piece spoke volumes about the struggles and triumphs of humanity. Guayasamín's works blend sorrow, hope, and raw emotion in a way that is both overwhelming and inspiring.

While there, I met Julio Mora, a fellow artist and admirer of Guayasamín. Julio, an Ecuadorian painter, shared his insights on how Guayasamín's work had influenced his own. Julio's perspective on Ecuador's art scene and its evolution was enlightening. His passion for using art as a tool to convey messages about society and culture resonated deeply with me.

As we walked through the museum, we discussed various pieces, and Julio pointed out subtleties in Guayasamín's techniques that I might have missed otherwise. His knowledge added a richer layer to my understanding of the artworks.

After our conversation, I spent the afternoon sketching in the museum's garden, attempting to capture the essence of Quito's landscape. The interplay of light and shadow amidst the Andean backdrop made for a captivating scene.

Today was not just about witnessing great art; it was about connecting with a fellow artist who shared my language of expression. Julio's stories and perspectives left a lasting impression, adding depth to my experience in Quito.

- Aanya

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