Day 18: Diego Garcia

Cuenca's historic center is a maze of charming colonial streets and vibrant squares. Walking these streets feels like traveling back in time. Each corner reveals a story of the past.

In this historical heart of Cuenca, I met Diego Garcia, a local artist and historian. His small art studio, nestled among the colorful buildings, is a treasure trove of paintings capturing the essence of Cuenca. Diego shared his journey as an artist. He explained how the rich history and culture of the city shaped his work. His passion for Cuenca's heritage and his dedication to preserving it through art were inspiring.

As we walked together through the streets, Diego pointed out hidden gems such as courtyards, frescoes, and ornate balconies. Each of these had a tale that he narrated with a mix of pride and nostalgia. His stories brought the city to life in a way that no guidebook could.

I spent the rest of the day sketching in Plaza San Sebastián, trying to capture the atmosphere and architectural beauty that Diego had shown me. His insights gave depth to my sketches. Each stroke on the paper captured not only the city's physical beauty but also its soul.

Today was a day of connection - with a city and its culture, and with a fellow artist who sees his hometown as a living, breathing work of art.

- Aanya

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