Day 21: Isabel Morales

Walking through the cobbled streets of Casco Viejo, the historic heart of Panama City, feels like stepping into a living museum. Each corner reveals a blend of colonial architecture, vibrant murals, and the lively rhythm of everyday Panamanian life.

In Plaza de la Independencia, amidst the bustling cafes and street vendors, I met Isabel Morales, a local artisan. Her stall was adorned with colorful Molas, traditional Kuna textiles, creating a tapestry of vivid patterns and stories. Isabel shared the history behind intricate designs. Each piece tells a story of her community's culture and heritage.

I spent the afternoon sketching Isabel and her Molas. She takes great pride in her culture and is dedicated to preserving these artistic techniques.

Our conversation was a deep dive into Panama's rich cultural tapestry. While sketching, I reflected on how art can overcome language and cultural barriers, creating a unique bond between people.

Today was a testament to the vibrant cultural spirit of Panama. It was witnessed through its historical landmarks and lived through the stories of its people, like Isabel.

- Aanya

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