Day 22: Rosa Martinez

The Mercado Público de David was a lively and colorful place, full of vibrant sights, sounds, and smells. The bustling lanes were a perfect snapshot of Panamanian daily life, with lively conversations and a kaleidoscope of colors.

While walking through the market, I met Rosa Martinez, a friendly stall owner who sold a variety of tropical fruits. Her warm smile and welcoming demeanor drew me to her stall, which was filled with fresh produce. Rosa, a lifelong resident of David, shared stories of her childhood in the city. She described how the market has been a constant in her life, a place of community and sustenance.

Her story inspired me to spend the afternoon sketching her stall, trying to capture the vibrancy and spirit of the market through my art. Every gesture and every piece of fruit she carefully arranged showed Rosa's pride in her work and her connection to the community.

Today's visit to the market provided a glimpse into David's soul through the eyes of someone whose life is intertwined with this place. Rosa's stories, laughter, and vivid stall left a lasting impression on my experience in David.

- Aanya

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