Day 35: Eduardo Castillo

Today, I visited the Limón Museum of Ethnohistory, which is a sanctuary of stories and artifacts located in the heart of the city. I met Eduardo Castillo, a local historian and guide who has an infectious passion for Limón's rich tapestry of cultures amidst the ancient relics and vibrant narratives. With his extensive knowledge and engaging anecdotes, Eduardo brought the exhibits to life. He weaved tales of the indigenous people, African influences, and the city's evolution into the cultural mosaic it is today.

Our conversation delved into the significance of Limón as a cultural crossroads, highlighting the unique blend of traditions that define this coastal region. Eduardo shared insights into the Afro-Caribbean heritage, particularly the impact of Calypso music and cuisine on Limón's identity. His stories showcased the resilience and creativity of the communities that shaped this land.

As the day ended, the skies opened up, releasing a gentle shower that seemed to cleanse the air. The sound of rain against the museum's windows provided a soothing backdrop to a day filled with learning and discovery. Eduardo's narrative left me inspired, reminding me of the power of history to connect us across time and culture.

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