Day 36: Puddle Portals

The gentle patter of rain against the window pane created a rhythmic melody as I sat in a quaint cafe in the heart of Korçë. The day was enveloped in a soft gray hue, a stark contrast to the vibrant colors I've encountered on this journey so far. Yet, there was a comforting serenity in the monochrome scenery. The world seemed to slow down a bit, allowing space for reflection.

As I sipped on a warm cup of traditional Albanian coffee, its rich aroma mingling with the earthy scent of rain, I felt a deep sense of contentment. The simplicity of the moment was profoundly beautiful. I took out my sketchbook and began to capture the essence of the scene before me - the raindrops tracing delicate paths down the window, the old cobblestone streets glistening with a fresh sheen, and the few people who braved the rain, their umbrellas forming moving patches of color against the gray backdrop.

Each stroke of my pencil felt meditative, connecting me to the essence of Korçë, a city that holds tales of history, culture, and the simple joys of life. The calm ambiance of the cafe, the soft conversations in the background, and the soothing sound of rain created a perfect setting for artistic expression. Today wasn't about exploring new horizons, but about delving deeper into the present moment, finding beauty in the stillness, and letting the tranquility of Korçë inspire my soul.

As I left the cafe, the rain had subsided, leaving behind a refreshed and serene world. The simplicity and calmness of today were a gentle reminder of the beauty in stillness, a lesson I will carry with me as I continue on this artistic voyage.

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