Day 51: Joana Silva

Today, Lisbon was a beautiful sight under the partly cloudy sky. I visited a tile painting workshop in the heart of the city, a quaint studio bathed in natural light.There, I met Joana Silva, a local artist whose hands danced with grace over the azulejos. Joana shared the history of Portuguese tiles with a warm smile and stories embedded in every stroke. She narrated tales of voyages, love, and longing that each pattern represented. Joana's passion for preserving this traditional art form was palpable. She guided my hands in painting my first tile, a blue and white rendition of Lisbon's iconic Tram 28 winding through the Alfama district.

Joana's workshop was not only an artistic experience but also a journey through the heart of Portugal. Her expertise and infectious love for her culture made the day unforgettable. As the day ended, I left the studio with a tile in hand and a heart full of stories, feeling a deeper connection to Lisbon than I could have imagined. Joana's dedication to her craft and her role in keeping the tradition alive inspired me, reminding me that art is not just an expression but a bridge between cultures and generations. Today was a beautiful example of how shared experiences can create unspoken bonds through creativity.

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