Day 52: Henrique Soares

Today, I visited Livraria Lello in Porto, a historic bookstore with a neo-gothic façade. Inside, I was surrounded by centuries-old bookshelves and stories. While flipping through a collection of Portuguese poetry, I met Henrique Soares, a local poet whose verses capture the soul of Porto. With his gentle demeanor and eyes alight with stories, Henrique shared tales of the city's hidden corners and the inspiration behind his latest collection. Our conversation meandered like the Douro River, touching upon the essence of creation - how pain and joy weave together to form art. He spoke of Porto not just as a place, but as a muse, ever-changing yet timeless. Henrique's words added layers to my understanding of Porto, a city that cradles history and innovation in equal measure. As I left the bookstore, the rain had stopped. The air was fresh and invigorating, just like my spirit. Henrique's poetry reflects Porto's soul and has left a profound mark on my journey. It reminded me that art, in all its forms, connects us to places and people in the most unexpected ways.

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