Day 55: João Ferreira

I visited the Chapel of Bones in Évora, where the walls are decorated with the remains of over 5,000 souls. The monument serves as a reminder of the fragility of life. During my visit, I met João Ferreira, a local historian with captivating stories. João narrated the chapel's history with a gentle voice. He intertwined tales of medieval spirituality with reflections on mortality and eternity. His knowledge, seasoned with a touch of melancholy, painted a vivid picture of the chapel's significance to Évora and beyond. João's connection to this place left an indelible mark on my perception of the chapel, rooted in a blend of academic rigor and existential wonder. As I left, I couldn't shake the echo of our conversation. It lingered, mixing with the silent voices of the past. Today was more than just a visit to a historic site. It was a journey through the layers of human experience, expertly guided by João's insightful presence.

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