Day 56: Sofia Martins

Today, I visited the Bom Jesus do Monte Sanctuary in Braga. The sanctuary's gardens are adorned with themes of faith and reflection, and they offer a serene and peaceful retreat.While there, I had the pleasure of meeting Sofia Martins, a local artist whose work is inspired by the spirituality of this place. Sofia's vibrant spirit is reflected in her colorful palette, and she shared with me her journey of capturing the essence of Bom Jesus through her art. Her paintings and our conversation were both layered with thought and emotion. Each brushstroke was a testament to her connection with the sanctuary. Sofia's passion for art and her deep bond with the surroundings inspired me. As we parted, the sun dipped lower, casting long shadows and bathing the sanctuary in a golden glow. It was a perfect end to a day of discovery and artistic camaraderie. Today was not only about exploring a new location but also about connecting with a fellow artist. We were each on our own journey, yet we found common ground in the beauty of Braga.

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