Day 63: Eszter Kovács

In the heart of Budapest, under a sky dotted with cotton-like clouds, the Danube tells stories of the past. Today, I visited the Chain Bridge, where history and modernity come together. It was here, against the backdrop of this architectural marvel, that I met Eszter Kovács, a local historian with a deep connection to the city's history. Eszter, with eyes as reflective as the waters below us, shared stories of Budapest's liberation and transformation, her voice a bridge to the city's soul. Hungary's capital is a tapestry of tales, each thread woven with the struggles and triumphs of its people. I was inspired to sketch the Chain Bridge, capturing its stoic beauty and the flow of life around it. Eszter's words added depth to each line, reminding me of the power of stories to connect us to places and to each other. As the sun dipped lower, casting golden hues over the Danube, I said goodbye to Eszter. I was grateful for the glimpse into Budapest's heart that she had provided. Today was not just about exploring a city, but about understanding its essence. I saw it through the eyes of someone who cherishes its past and present.

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