Day 65: Olena Kovalenko

I found refuge in one of Lviv's historic cafes amidst a symphony of raindrops and the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Here, I met Olena Kovalenko, a local artist whose work adorned the cafe walls. Her paintings were vibrant and evocative, capturing the essence of Lviv's streets and the spirit of its people. Olena shared her journey of finding beauty in the everyday through her art. She transforms the mundane into the extraordinary. Olena's smile was as inviting as the café itself. As we conversed, I sketched the scene before me. The cozy interior, the rain-kissed windows, and the occasional passerby seeking shelter from the rain. Olena's stories inspired me to see Lviv through a different lens. Every raindrop and cobblestone held a story waiting to be told. Today was not just an escape from the rain but a venture into the heart of Lviv, guided by the warmth of Olena's artistry and the timeless charm of this city's cafés.

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