Day 67: Ilya Petrov

I met Ilya Petrov, a local violinist, at the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater. He played his violin and shared stories about his life in Odessa. The music he played seemed to blend with the city's narrative. While he played, I sketched the theater's interior, trying to capture the fusion of architectural beauty and soulful music. Ilya spoke of the theater as a cultural beacon in Odessa. Art and community converge there. His music is vibrant and emotive, bringing the theater's history to life. Each piece he played was a tribute to the artists who had graced its stage. As we parted, the music lingered in my ears. I felt a profound connection to Odessa - a city where history, art, and the rhythms of daily life harmonize. Today was about experiencing the heartbeat of Odessa through the strings of Ilya's violin. The focus was not just on exploring a landmark.

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