Day 68: Natalia Cojocaru

Today, I visited the National Museum of Fine Arts in Chisinau, where I discovered the heart of Moldovan art. The galleries were filled with works spanning centuries. While exploring, I met Natalia Cojocaru, a local artist whose eyes sparkled with the same vibrancy as the paintings she stood beside. Natalia shared her journey as an artist in Moldova, intertwining her personal story with the broader narrative of Moldovan art. Her warm and inviting demeanor made the experience even more enjoyable. Natalia's passion for preserving and evolving traditional Moldovan art forms was inspiring. We discussed techniques and the influence of Moldova's rich history and cultural diversity on her work. As she described her favorite pieces in the museum, I sketched quick impressions, attempting to capture the essence of Moldova's artistic heritage through her eyes. The day was an exploration of art. It provided a window into the soul of a nation, narrated by one of its own artists.As I left the museum, the images and stories I gathered from Natalia lingered in my mind. They wove into the tapestry of experiences that shape my artistic journey.

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