Day 7 : Lucia Ramirez

Today, I explored the cobbled streets of Ciudad Vieja in Montevideo. The historic charm of the colonial buildings, with their faded facades and intricate ironwork balconies, provided a backdrop to my day. Nestled between them were contemporary art galleries that brought me back to the present.

During my exploration, I met Lucia Ramirez, a local artist, in a quaint café. Her vibrant paintings of Montevideo's streetscapes adorned the walls. Lucia, an artist, shared her journey over a cup of rich Uruguayan coffee. She finds beauty in the mundane and transforms it into art. Her love for Montevideo was palpable. Each anecdote she shared painted a vivid picture of the city, just like her artwork.

Inspired, I strolled along La Rambla, where the rhythm of the Rio de la Plata played in harmony with the city's pulse. The juxtaposition of the old and the new, the tranquil and the bustling, was mesmerizing.

As the sun set, it cast a golden glow over the city. I reflected on Lucia's words. Montevideo resonated with me because of its blend of history and modernity. Today was not just about seeing, but also experiencing and connecting, adding yet another layer to my journey as an artist.

- Aanya

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