Day 70: Ana Moraru

Today, I found a tranquil spot in Central Park, Bălți, with my sketchbook ready to capture the essence of this Moldovan city. While engrossed in sketching the intertwining branches of an old tree, Ana Moraru, a local high school art teacher out for her daily walk, interrupted my concentration with a gentle voice. Intrigued by my sketches, she peered over my shoulder and offered warm praise. Ana shared stories about Bălți's art scene and the challenges and triumphs she faced nurturing young artistic talents.Our conversation meandered through topics of art, education, and the beauty of everyday scenes in Bălți. I was inspired by her dedication and the way she described her students' creativity. I invited Ana to add her touch to my sketch, and together we blended our styles, creating a unique piece that represented a fusion of our artistic perspectives. This impromptu collaboration became more than just an addition to my sketchbook. It was a symbol of connection and shared artistic passion. As the afternoon waned, we parted ways. However, Ana invited me to visit her school's art exhibit tomorrow. Today's encounter reminded me of the power of art to unite and inspire, transcending boundaries and enriching experiences.

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