Day 71: Mihai Petrescu

Today, I found a serene retreat in Copou Park, beneath the moody skies of Iași. The park is a canvas of natural beauty interlaced with history. As I set up to sketch, the park's blend of vibrant greenery and historic statues captivated me, offering a perfect juxtaposition of nature and artistry.

While sketching, I met Mihai Petrescu, a local university student with a profound love for poetry. Mihai shared his passion for Mihai Eminescu, Romania's national poet, and his connection to the park. He recited verses that brought the park to life and added layers to my understanding of the surroundings. His knowledge of local history and literature was enlightening.

The rain paused as we conversed, and the park blossomed under a brief spell of sunlight, casting a golden hue over the landscape. Mihai's poetic perspective and the natural beauty around us inspired my sketches to evolve into a narrative full of emotion and cultural depth.

Today was a journey through Romanian culture, seen through the eyes of a young poet. Mihai's stories left an indelible mark on my experience in Iași, adding a soulful depth to my sketches that I hadn't anticipated.

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