Day 78: The Watchful River

Grodno welcomed me with a cloudy sky that couldn't decide whether to clear up or cry. The air was chilly, carrying the final whispers of fall. I started my day at the Grodno State Museum of Religious History, where the halls echoed with the quiet prayers of history. The relics discussed faith and time, a storyline that has always fascinated me as an artist.

In the afternoon, I discovered relief by the Neman River, a peaceful getaway from the organized museum corridors. The flowing river was inspiring. I drew lines and curves in my sketchbook, trying to capture the water's fluidity and the trees' stoic presence along the banks. Passersby stopped to admire my work, offering smiles and nods of appreciation.

The weather was perfect for an extended outdoor stay. As the day turned to evening, it got colder, but the memories of the day kept me warm. Grodno is a charming place that doesn't demand attention; it waits to be discovered by those who are curious.

Sitting by my window, I look at my sketches from the day and I feel satisfied. Today was spent learning and creating, experiencing history and the present - a balance that I always seek in my travels and art.

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