Day 79: Umbrella Ballet

The day was rainy in Vilnius, covering the streets with a shiny coating. I found comfort in a cozy café while raindrops created a steady beat in the background. As I held a hot cup of coffee, I drew the scene outside the foggy window - a picture of umbrellas, quick steps, and occasional stops for shelter.

The coffee shop was cozy, with low chatter mixing with the sound of the barista making drinks. I drew the feeling of the city around me on my sketchbook, each stroke telling the story of the day. I forgot about the cold outside as I became lost in my art, losing track of time.

The rain stopped as the day turned into night, and the air felt refreshing as it whispered for me to explore the foggy streets. The city's mix of old and new architecture looked striking against the cloudy sky. I went back to my temporary home, my mind filled with the day's peaceful moments, my sketchbook as proof of how charming Vilnius is.

The rainy beauty of this city left a lasting impression on me, with its ever-changing shadows and light.

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