Day 82: Beneath the Botanic Boughs

Today, the gray sky covered Tbilisi like a soft blanket. The air felt cool and fresh, a pleasant break from the scorching sun of earlier days. I visited Georgia's National Botanical Garden, where the dim light caused the green foliage to appear as if it were whispering secrets. As I strolled through the paths, every turn revealed a new discovery, with each plant exhibiting a unique shade of green. The cloudy sky made the day feel peaceful, as if time slowed down, giving me the chance to take in the calmness around me. The garden was like a museum, with every tree showing the passing of time and every flower a brief moment of beauty. I sat on a bench and drew what I saw, trying to capture the garden's essence on paper. Time passed quickly as I created, and it became a form of meditation. As the day ended, I left the garden feeling peaceful and grounded. I hope to carry this peaceful feeling with me in the coming days. The cloudy skies had been perfect for reflecting on my thoughts, and I appreciated the quiet they provided.

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