Day 84: Whispers of Petrichor

Today, I walked through the Batumi Botanical Garden, which is located in the middle of Batumi's natural beauty. The cloudy sky and occasional raindrops made the greenery more vivid. The garden seemed to be performing a peaceful symphony, with every raindrop contributing a note to the composition.

As I walked through the garden's plants, I noticed how different types of ecosystems coexisted in that space. Each part of the garden represented distinct parts of the world - from subtropical to Himalayan. The air smelled fresh with the aroma of the soil soaked from the rain, which was very different from what I experienced in the city.

I found a nice bench under a large tree and sat there for reflection. Sitting there, I drew some lines inspired by the branches above me. The garden was more than just nice to look at. It reminded me of nature's beauty, which is far superior to any human creation.

In those quiet moments, I felt connected to my surroundings. The garden, with its simple beauty, reminded me of the world's natural wonders, which are often hidden by the noise of city life. It was a simple day of reflection, appreciating the beauty of nature. The peaceful atmosphere reminded me that sometimes the most meaningful experiences are the quietest.

When the day ended, I departed the garden feeling serene. My sketchbook was bursting with new ideas, and I was excited to transform my inspiration into my next painting.

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